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Accredited Genealogist & Ancestral Health Coach: Reclaiming human-beingness through connection to body, earth, community & ancestral lineage
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Spring is a beautiful time to witness nature’s miraculous cycle of renewing life; and Easter has several beautiful concepts to appreciate, regardless of what the day means to you (religious or otherwise). My mind was flooded with an abundance of thoughts during a morning spring run. I would love to share them.

Growth and Abundance is the Natural State

Everything in nature is born with a desire and propensity for growth. But there are different ways in which organisms can grow. The first is a symbiotic state where the growth and expansion of one species benefit the growth and expansion of another. The other is when an…

The 4 Sacred Connections — copyright Joseph B. Shumway

It takes time to find your “groove” as a health coach. After I finished my certification, I was excited to begin working with clients and helping them achieve their health and wellness goals. However, I could feel like something was missing in the way I wanted to operate my practice, but I wasn’t sure what it was. I didn’t want to just help people “lose weight,” but instead, really help them uncover purpose, passion, vitality, and vision for their lives.

At the start of the year, however, I also began training in Ancestral Lineage Healing work and indigenous psychology, and…

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Strengthening the immune system is a huge topic right now — especially as we begin to head into Flu Season while still being in the midst of a pandemic! A lot of people are concerned about how to stay healthy, and there is a lot of so-called “conventional wisdom” out there that may not actually be the most helpful advice when it comes to building a resilient immune system.

Today, I would like to share four tips to help you and your family members stay healthy this winter! …

Farmers and ranchers who cultivate regenerative practices are key assets and allies to fighting climate change and healing the planet.

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What did you eat for your last meal?

You can probably recreate a simple list pretty quickly.

Now, ask yourself “Where did each individual food item in that meal come from?”

Here is where it gets tricky. Most food items, I’m guessing, probably came from the supermarket (if you went shopping), or a restaurant kitchen (if you dined out). That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but here’s the next question for you.

“Was that food produced in a way that…

You don’t need to improve yourself. You need to discover and express yourself. And there’s a HUGE difference.

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Americans spend about $11 Billion a year on self-improvement products and services. That’s a lot of money; and yes, in a way, it is positive. I mean, look at all the people represented in that number who are working so hard to improve themselves; to get better, to learn more, to be more, to do more, etc. I freely admit I have spent my share of money on books, courses, programs, etc., over the years that were created to help me help myself in reaching new heights. Yet, I recently realized something about the term “self-improvement.” The underlying idea isn’t…

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Last fall my fiancé and I pulled up to the townhome complex excited to see the advertised rental unit. The location would offer us a perfect commute; the size of the unit matched our needs; and the online photos showed a lovely open floor plan, lots of windows, and all of the nice features a recently-built townhome could offer.

We pulled into a parking spot and oriented ourselves to find the correct unit where we would meet Amber, the complex manager, for a showing. …

Joseph B. Shumway

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